The Oscar Project

Building a search engine to find targeted treatments for kids cancer

What is Oscar?

This project aims to create Oscar (Oncology Search Clinician Assistant Registry), a search engine for finding relevant indicative treatments for a specific child patient based on the genomic profile of their cancer.

The information being searched is:

The specialised search capabilities of Oscar mean clinicians can find the right treatments for their patients with higher accuracy and less time/effort, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes for the most vulnerable patients - kids with cancer.

What does Oscar do?

Oscar is capable of ingesting and tracking all medical publications and clinical trials globally. From these vast amount of data and using advanced AI algorithms, Oscar is able to extract gene, drug and cancer type information. Based on this information, Oscar locates relevant treatments tailored to individual patients. Oscar also provides tools for the effortless exploration of the treatment landscape. This allows doctors to be provided with information on the best treatments for their patients by an automated system.

Who made Oscar?


A/Prof Bevan Koopman

Project lead

Shengyao Zhuang

AI Researcher - Ranking

Dr Bing Liu

AI Researcher - Natural Language Processing

Simon Gibson

Software Engineering

Tracey Wright

Software Engineering

Prof Guido Zuccon

Academic Partner

Oscar in Action

Oscar main search page.

Oscar Knowledge Graph visualisation to help understand associations between genes, drugs and cancers.

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